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People use the internet more often nowadays, so there are more risks to get a virus. The best way to secure your computer is to install an antivirus software. On our page you can also find Promo Codes to Save some Money too.

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About Norton

Update: August 2020

Let’s take a look at Norton Antivirus and others who compete in the same league. Also, I’ll discuss exactly what antivirus is designed to do, as well as why it is so very important today, and conclude with the kinds and types currently in existence and the pros and cons of antivirus software.

Norton is world-renowned for its innovative Internet security products used in many of the computers in existence. I know that is a strong statement but if you consider that Symantec began to distribute Norton Antivirus in 1991, it doesn’t seem like such a stretch to believe that their product is that well-known and respected. However, as of approximately 2014, only about 75% of all computers worldwide used antivirus protection.

This means that about 25% of computers remain without any protection, leaving these machines vulnerable to rampant viruses and malware. I think it would be safe to say that not all of the 25% mentioned here purposely leave their computers exposed to the multitude of malware and virus threats currently waiting to wreak havoc.

Other, logical reasons could be at play here. For example, a computer could already be infected with malware (very likely) and it disabled the user’s antivirus. Another reason might be due to an expired free trial, or the user may not realize how important the protection is for their own safety. Education is key here because as we can see from the above statistics, too many people become complacent about security for their files and personal information.

With the various antivirus products currently available, Norton stands head-and-shoulders above the rest and rightfully so. They’re one of the original antivirus software creators with the most experience. To download Norton, you can perform a web search for “Norton coupon code,” and the results will guide you to Norton’s website. One of the recent additions to Norton’s service is LifeLock Identity Protection.

What is a Antivirus Software

Antivirus software (now commonly known as anti-malware software) is software designed to detect, remove, and prevent a user’s computer from becoming infected with a virus. The term, “virus”, can be defined by any number of other well-known terms such as of course, malware (malicious software), but includes other descriptive terms like hijackers, trojan horse, ransomware, keyloggers, backdoors, rootkits, worms, and other terms that describe what really is the end result of the infection. The end result is total control of your computer and/or its files.

A quality antivirus program can eviscerate these infections quickly and without affecting the computer’s functioning capability. Norton Antivirus is especially effective in preventing and removing malware and all of its variants. In fact, AV-Test took Norton to task and ran the software through a battery of tests with great results, as expected. You can see the results here.

The True Importance of Antivirus Software

The insidiousness of malware infections takes away some of the joy of using your computer because, in the back of your mind, you might be a little worried that someone is in control of your personal files without your knowledge. For too many people, this is true and these innocent people end up being victims and worse, all of their personal information is in the hands of a cyberthief. That’s the disgusting truth of spending time online unprotected from malware attacks.

It seems that yet another big company suffered a data breach, and millions of personal records were stolen. Statements like this should never be part of our vernacular and actionable steps must be in place so fewer and fewer people suffer the consequences of a misstep in protecting their private information on their computers. You can save money with a discount of antivirus software.

Some of the Kinds and Types of Antivirus Software

From the early days of antivirus software engineers trying to figure out how to protect our computers from viruses, more and different kinds and types of antivirus software emerged. For example, some tried to eliminate every virus in existence, but they soon realized it was virtually impossible, given the fact that virus writers already were creating their next virus.

The antivirus software available in the early days of the Internet tried very hard to rid our computers of the garbage that the virus writers kept throwing our way. The software did a fairly good job of removing viruses, but our computers also slowed down to the point we could hardly use them.

Fortunately, Norton took charge and updated their software to the point where the resources required to run their software and still provide topnotch protection no longer slowed our machines. Aside from Norton, other manufacturers attempted to match Norton’s capabilities, but none did. Other manufacturers simply added more features to make it seem like more was better.

Pros and Cons

  • The vast majority of antivirus software products do a great job and for the most part, won’t get in your way with persistent popups about the status of your computer. I’m a believer in less is more. That is, I expect my computer to be safe because I have quality protection and trust that it’s always up-to-date, doing what it’s designed to do – protect my files. That said, unless I specifically request to see them, popup messages become annoying and they interfere with my work, so I should be given the choice of seeing them or not.
  • Only a few of the antivirus programs offer the ability to choose to have notification turned off, and to what degree you desire. For some, notifications become necessary, and others prefer to be notified only when a major problem exists. Truth be told, that type of notification rarely, if ever, comes up.
  • One of the most annoying facts about some of the antivirus programs is how much the software bogs down the system by using too many computer resources. The better manufacturers know this and take steps to prevent it from happening. However, the end result is really up to the user.
  • A favorite feature of Norton is their scans now are quick and smartly use scant resources to perform them. This is a welcome change from earlier versions where scans would slow your computer so much that you were forced to pull away and just let the process finish.
  • Another bothersome fact of many Internet security suites that include antivirus protection is in their use of a built-in firewall, or if they use Windows firewall instead. Firewalls usually come in two varieties. Those that have a two-way firewall, and those that don’t. This is an important feature if you happen to be a power user and frequently visit many different websites on a daily basis. A two-way firewall is best in this situation because it prevents malware from leaving your computer via your email program. In other cases, a one-way firewall might be satisfactory which prevents infections from infiltrating your computer’s defenses. Windows firewall is of the one-way variety. Norton uses a robust two-way firewall.

Cost of Ownership

The cost of purchasing an antivirus program must be considered. While most are competitive and boast their own features, some do hold their prices fairly high, so it pays to shop around. Norton, on the other hand, is one manufacturer who always keeps their prices reasonable and it’s obvious you will get your money’s worth. To check out Norton, and I’ll mention it again, do a web search for “Norton coupon code” and you’ll be presented with many choices.


Norton and other antivirus software products come in a variety of types and their price points reflect this. However, for the most part, all are capable to rid your computer from malware, but some do a better job than others. Norton holds their own, so to speak, in all of the grueling tests that all software is subjected to.

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