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Bitdefender Coupon

If you work a lot with your computer and online, you will most probably need an antivirus software program. Bitdefender is one of the best softwares you will get on the market.

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About Bitdefender

Update: August 2020

Bitdefender is a simple antivirus program that originated in Romania and expanded its operations throughout the world. Now it doesn’t matter where you reside in the world – whether in the heart of Romania or in good old-fashioned Indiana in the United States – you can take advantage of Bitdefender antivirus software quickly and easily. The software first debuted in 2001 thanks to founder Florin Talpeş and remains one of the world’s premier antivirus software programs thanks to the diversity of its software functions, ease of use, and versions for all budgets. A Bitdefender coupon can always help you save if you find that the free version isn’t enough to suit your needs.

People who use the online world for shopping are especially in need of antivirus software protections, as well as identity theft and ad-ware programs that police their computer and make sure that the bad stuff doesn’t get stuck in the registry and other locations. The product is ideal for the novice user who just wants a simple program to run without having to do a lot of advanced upkeep. You download. You install. You’re protected. You get updates that Bitdefender sees as appropriate. Remember that it’s updates that will keep your computer protected against all variety of incoming new viruses, so automatic updates will come in handy for novice users as well who don’t want to go through the trouble of manual updates.

All Versions

2018’s Version comes in a variety of editions. Protects are divided into products for the home, business, tech assistant, and of course, free tools for anyone who wants to optimize their computer’s performance. All categories of products fall under the umbrella of Bitdefender.

For the home

– Family Pack 2018

– Internet Security 2018

– Total Security 2018

– Antivirus for Mac

– Antivirus Plus 2018

– Mobile Security for Android and iOS

– Bitdefender BOX

For Businesses

– GravityZone Advanced Business Security

– GravityZone Enterprise Security

– GravityZone Business Security

– Security for Mobile

– Security for Virtualized Environments

Bitdefender Tech Assist Products

– Virus & Spyware Removal

– PC Optimizer

– System Repair

As you can see, the software is available for PC, Mac, and Mobile products, making it one of the most diverse of all antivirus software programs out there today. They frequently throw out a handy Bitdefender coupon to save you money when you upgrade to paid. Whether you want to get an enterprise level the product or simply a free scan from Bitdefender, you’ll find that they have something to make you smile. The program itself has over 500 million active users who trust Bitdefender to protect their computer against malware and adware. The free version does a great job but most people find out that Bitdefender is well worth the money of its paid versions, especially if you use a lot of social media programs and do a lot of online shopping. After all, it’s your money you’re protecting here and in some cases your identity.

Let’s move onto the obvious question: What’s the reason for Bitdefender’s longevity in the industry? It currently ranks 9th in its respective category worldwide. Why?


Bitdefender does almost everything well, but here are some of the brightest bright spots of the software.

Easy Installation

You click on the download button and they can customize your setup for you, even if you’re not familiar with antivirus programs.

Excellent Firewall

Your antivirus firewall is sometimes your best protection against incoming invasions, and the Firewall is well-known as one of the most effective against threats.

Features a free edition

Not all programs will give you an adequate free version of their program, but for some light users the free version is enough to protect you. Granted, it won’t give you all the features of a paid version but you get a good setup from the get-go and can always upgrade later.

Easy to Use

There are easy to use setup features that allow you to let Bitdefender know what you want it to do. You won’t need advanced knowledge of antivirus programs, just enough to answer a few simple questions that allows Bitdefender to get you up and running.


For online shoppers, this is one of the handiest features of the program. It can help protect your sensitive financial information from predators. In some cases, it keeps people from being ripped off of thousands of dollars. Well worth the cost.

24/7 Support

The folks are top notch at customer service. Any time you experience problems, they’re there to fix them.


This one can be reduced to one gripe: Bitdefender’s parental controls aren’t available in the free version, and we hope that someday they will be provided free of charge. Many parents who can’t afford the paid version need this option in the free version, too.


Bitdefender has been protecting people from pesky viruses since 2001, and they’ve proven themselves over time as one of the most reliable, advanced, and friendly of all anti-virus programs. You can get free and paid versions that give you great services without any of the hassle you might need to successfully set up more complex antivirus programs. We highly recommend using a Bitdefender discount coupon to take advantage of their paid services, but if it’s the free version you must have, the free version is actually very adequate at helping you prevent attacks against your beloved computer or mobile device. It’s well worth the download.

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